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Cleaning Eyeglasses & Other Fine Lenses

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Googalies have been specifically designed with prescription eyewear and high-end optics (cameral lenses, binoculars,  and telescope mirrors and eyepieces) in mind. We tested over a hundred microfiber material combinations in order to create the ultimate optical cleaning cloth, one that would effectively clean the grease, dust, and oil of everyday use without scratching the expensive coatings that make these lenses so special. No chemicals are ever needed - water is the only solvent required and in most cases, simply fogging the glass with your breath and wiping with a clean Googalies will clean even the most stubborn streaks and smudges from optic surfaces. As with all Googalies™Grubbie™ products, they will last for years.

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Any size Googalies will do the job but we recommend the following:

Recommended Sizes:

Googalies Microfiber Miracles

Small Googalies -   Personal Size MicroSuede - $8.95

dotanim.gif (567 bytes) Approximately  8" square dotanim.gif (567 bytes)

dotanim.gif (567 bytes) Will fit easily in any pocket, purse, and most glasses & camera cases dotanim.gif (567 bytes)

Googalies Microfiber Miracles

Medium Googalies™ - Performance Size MicroSuede - $14.95

dotanim.gif (567 bytes) Approximately 16" square. Easy to hold in hand dotanim.gif (567 bytes).

dotanim.gif (567 bytes) Handy size for cleaning jobs large and small dotanim.gif (567 bytes)

 dotanim.gif (567 bytes) More surface area means more cleaning between washings dotanim.gif (567 bytes)

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1998 The Andromedan Design Company


1998 The Andromedan Design Company
1998 The Andromedan Design Company